New Crime Free program changing atmosphere of city apt. complexes

New Crime Free program changing atmosphere of city apt. complexes

Remember, real estate is not only about making money (which is nice), but also about improving the community you live in. 


Here I go…..

I have always been a fan of real estate and the entrepreneurial leadership and I have decided I would like to share my thoughts on what I am seeing in the market and other random topics that might come up.  Less not forget that football season is right around the corner and the Oklahoma City Thunder are building a championship contender.  So please join me on this little adventure and let me know what you think.  Sometimes I will be thought provoking, sometimes I will be wrong and hopefully sometimes I will be funny.

With that said I would like like to share this post from The Bigger Pockets Real Estate blog on starting your own real estate investing business.  I have experienced the hard days and long nights and completely understand the market.