Oklahoma City Apartment Market is Active!

The summer might be winding down, but the Oklahoma City market is still hot! As reported by The Oklahoman  apartment sales prices are holding steady based on a mid-year report released by Commercial Realty Resources Co.

The metro-area multifamily investment market, he said, is seeing sustained high prices because investors just keep coming “and buyers are becoming more comfortable paying these prices because so many other people are paying them.”

As most people know in the area, investor from outside the market are finding out the Oklahoma City offers great potential on a high ROI.  Of course if you can’t get into an existing building keep an eye on new development.  Mike Buhl from Commercial Reality Resources Co “expects to see continued strong construction of new apartment complexes for the next 12 to 18 months, at least.”

Source – Oklahoma City Apartments Still Hot With Investors



Greystar likes shine on Oklahoma City


The last couple of weeks I have been seeing all the great activity of a health real estate market in Oklahoma City and here is one more example.

“Greystar is very excited about making our first investment in Oklahoma City. We are attracted to the healthy economy of the city, particularly the tremendous economic benefits of the domestic energy sector and the importance of Oklahoma City within this growing industry. We intend to grow our multifamily platform in Oklahoma as an investor and as a third-party property manager,” Fuller said.

It is awesome of not only the real estate industry but the city as a whole when large companies take an interest.  I can’t wait to see what is next!!!

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Here I go…..

I have always been a fan of real estate and the entrepreneurial leadership and I have decided I would like to share my thoughts on what I am seeing in the market and other random topics that might come up.  Less not forget that football season is right around the corner and the Oklahoma City Thunder are building a championship contender.  So please join me on this little adventure and let me know what you think.  Sometimes I will be thought provoking, sometimes I will be wrong and hopefully sometimes I will be funny.

With that said I would like like to share this post from The Bigger Pockets Real Estate blog on starting your own real estate investing business.  I have experienced the hard days and long nights and completely understand the market.